2024 Flex Walk/Run

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The Anchor House Foundation
Ride for Runaways Flex Walk/Run


Annual 100-mile, 6-week walk/run challenge that raises money to support Anchor House, Inc. a multi-service charitable agency in Trenton, NJ for abused, runaway and homeless youth and young adults.

Other Challenges:
Classic Ride
— 1 week, 500 miles
Flex Ride — 6 weeks, 500 miles

The 6 weeks/100 miles - Walk/Run will begin in

5th Annual


The Flex Walk/Run begins June 8 and ends July 20. Walk or run where and when you want over the 6 weeks for a total of 100 miles (about 16 miles/week).

You can tick off your miles on local streets, a hike, a treadmill, while on vacation, and with your dog.

It's no small feat — like going the distance between Anchor House and Lancaster, PA, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Smyrna, DE, or Stamford, CT.

Reporting your mileage progress is optional. You can record your mileage with a multitude of devices, transfer the data to the free Strava app and connect the app to your participant page. 


Proceeds support Anchor House, a multi-service charitable agency in Trenton, NJ for abused, runaway and homeless youth and young adults. A tour is given to new participants.

“It’s such a great cause, and it’s local, so we can see the effect the Ride has on the House (and vice versa). The ride really gets in your bloodstream. We’d thought last year would be it, but the itch hit us again, so we’re back!”

— Barb Keener & Ken Sharples

There is a fee to register and participation is a commitment to pay or raise the minimum amount. New Participants will have support with both fundraising. The same day as the tour of Anchor House, there is an introduction to fundraising.

Q: Runner or Walker?

A: RUNNER, baby. My brother, Peter Downey, will complete his 14th year on the Anchor House 500-mile Ride in 2020. His stalwart dedication and passionate enthusiasm for this cause has inspired me for years and finally, I am able to join him - in my own way.


—Patricia Downey in 2020

Participation includes picnic, t-shirt and closing celebration with friends and family at the Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrence, NJ.

If this is your first time participating, or if you are a veteran participant, you should know that your support is invaluable to the youth that Anchor House serves. 

You are a part of a solution — a solution to help kids who are hurting and in need, a solution to help end homelessness for youth, a solution to stabilize families, and a solution to help our young people transition successfully into adulthood. 

While you are riding, walking or running, know that you are doing it for these kids. You are letting them know that you care and that they matter. Together, we can all make a difference in their lives.


— Kim McNear, Executive Director, Anchor House

Anchor House programs provide a safe haven and housing assistance for youth and young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Programs include our Youth Emergency Shelter, Transitional and Apartment Living and assistance with securing housing and other essential and supportive services. Programs address their clients’ immediate needs while helping to prepare youth for productive and independent lives.

Anchor House Shelter 

For ages 12-17. The shelter’s primary purpose is to meet the immediate needs of runaway, homeless, abused, and at-risk youth and their families in Trenton, New Jersey.

Anchorage Transitional Living Program 

For ages 18-21. This program provides long term transitional living services to homeless young adults who are aging out of the New Jersey child welfare system. This program operates a group home as well as a supported housing apartment program.

Anchor Line Apartment 

For ages 18-21. This program provides subsidized housing, food, case management, and life skills education in order to give them the time and skills they need to successfully live on their own.

Connect to Home Apartments 

For ages 18-21. This program provides Housing Choice Vouchers through the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Community Affairs.

Rapid Re-Housing 

For ages 18-24. This program provides supportive services to youth who meet HUD eligibility requirement to live in their own apartment.

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