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The Ride Share Program, which was a pilot program in 2023, has been adopted for the 2024 Classic Ride for five pairs, a total of 10 participants, who are veterans of the Classic Ride.

A pair is two participants who alternate their days between cycling and working a position on the Support Team. One participant rides while the other works a position in the Support Team. The next day, the participants reverse roles. Each participant brings a bike. The Support Team will transport the bike not in use.

The Support Team Leaders assign the Support Team participant positions. These may very during the week. For the most part, any Support Team participant can assume the position of any other Support Team participant.

Each rider would sign up to participate in the ride. The Support Team Leaders will review all Ride Share applicants and determine if they would be a good candidate for the Ride Sharing Program.

If a participant does not have a partner, we will pair that participant with another seeking to be in the Ride Share program. This may not happen until near the close of registration.

Each participant is expected to raise the minimum fundraising amount.