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The Support Team, its vehicles and the rest stops it provides for the riders are all identified as SAG, an acronym for Support & Gear or Stop & Go. SAG participants support the Classic Ride and both the recruitment and training rides for it. ​The Support Team comprises nearly 30 participants for the Classic Ride in July.

I know that what the riders do is very difficult. I also know that without support, it would be nearly impossible.

— John Wright


The mission of the Support Team is to provide for the personal safety of all participants, whether it's informing riders of road conditions, advancing your luggage, setting up shade, prepping refreshments or finding riders when they are lost. 


There are several roles on the Support Team and several positions in each role. The Support Team Leaders assign the Support Team participant positions. These may very during the week. For the most part, any Support Team participant can assume the position of any other Support Team participant. 

SAG Stop is a rest stop that provides nourishment to the riders. The SAG Team participants will set up, prepare and serve refreshments. Two vehicles transport supplies and 3 to 5 team participants to each SAG Stop. There are 2 to 3 SAG stops each day, spaced about 20-25 miles apart along the route.

Rover is a vehicle with a driver and navigator team that assists or picks up riders who have had to stop riding due to fatigue, injury or mechanical failure. There are at least 4 Rover teams.

Sweep is the last of the Rovers on the route and ensures that all riders have arrived at the next hotel.

Scout is a vehicle with a driver and navigator team that drives t​he next day's route to check for changes or hazards.

Video Crew is a vehicle with a driver and photographer/videographer team that drives the route, takes photographs and videos, and posts about the day's event on social media.

Yellow Truck is a truck with a driver and navigator team that transports the luggage and supplies, is the location of daily information and updates, and provides the room keys. It is the start and end point of each day and the truck is usually yellow.


While a variety of individual skills and competencies are necessary, all are equally important. Participants possessing appropriate skills and talent, understanding and enthusiasm, cooperation and decorum are vital for this endeavor. The Support Team has an excellent reputation as a model for any cycling event. Through continued dedication of its participants, it will maintain this reputation. 


Together, the Ride Committee and the Support Team Leaders have developed Support Team protocols and guidelines that are reviewed annually. No formal training is required. Veteran Support Team participants work alongside new ones, to provide training and tips. Volunteering to help support the recruitment and training rides gives Support Team member valuable experience for participating in the Support Team on the Classic Ride.

Ride Share

Up to 5 veteran riders in the 2024 Classic Ride can alternate their days between cycling and working a position on the Support Team, if accepted for the Ride Share Program


Support Team participants are expected to raise the recommended donation, the same amount as the riders. Participation includes motor coach transport from Trenton, NJ to the start, luggage forwarding and hotel stays, banquet, picnic, t-shirt and ride-end celebration with friends and family.

“I have found that when you volunteer for a race, versus when you run a race, the joys and the highs, for me, are pretty much the same. You get the same amazing experience, the same energy of the community.”

— Brad Bishop, ultramarathon racer, race volunteer organizer, Gnar Runners Race Director

If you are interested in joining the Support Team, contact Catherine "Cie" Stroud at cstroud@anchorhousenj.org or (609)278-9495.