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Anchor House Virtual Ride for Runaways
Every Mile Counts.  Every $ Counts.  Every Kid Counts. 

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Anchor House has helped me achieve several goals including, developing life skills, finding ways to communicate efficiently without the use of my temper.  Also provided me with support to pursue my education to become an EMT. I currently work on the rapid response team at our local hospital handling the most critical of patients, all because I was given the necessary tools by the staff to succeed. Anchor House has opened many doors for me and have allowed me opportunities for public speaking, workplace development, life skills and most of all a safe place to live. 
~ ShaQuirra

During my duration within the Anchor House program. Although, it feels more like a family rather than a program. It is set up to where you are in constant interaction and building a foundation for yourself with the active staff members on a regular basis and having them care about the well-being of every youth was precisely what I needed in order to transition myself into adulthood. The Anchor House was my safe haven and it is still that for current youths. It has allowed me to cope with my situation at the time and become more self-sufficient and empowered by my ability to succeed and thrive in life. It has given me teachable life-skills and counseling to build upon. The Anchor House encouraged me to hone in on my skills and find balance within my day to day routine so that I'm better equipped to be a successful, productive, active, and positive member of my community so that I'm able to lend a helping hand where ever it is needed.  
~ DeHaven

The Anchor House is one of the few organizations that tangibly and successfully address this body of research by providing both safety AND empowerment through social services and real-life skill development. In doing so, they have helped folks transform their lives; empowered youth to resist and end cycles of trauma, and provided a foundation and springboard for a different and better way. In the current climate of our country - where we consistently have to state “Black Lives Matter” and wonder if anyone hears us or believes us - organizations with a mission, vision and proven track record of the Anchor House are needed and should receive the necessary funding to be able to continue serving the community with quality.
~ Drey B


Different year.... same kids

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Due to the pandemic, the Anchor House Ride went virtual this year. Participants could sign up for either a 500 mile or 250 mile bike, or a 100 mile walk. All miles are to be done, on our own, between July 11th and August 22nd. In the last 3 weeks or so I have biked 388 miles with only 112 more to go. As I am not a frequent "selfie" taker I do not have many pictures of my rides, mostly I just get on my bike and go, usually without stopping! This past Friday I did 52 miles without ever getting off my bike, I cannot tell you how much my rear end hurt after that one! It is a totally different experience than the usual, 500 mile/one week ride that has occurred every July for the last 41 years (for a neat chart of every ride and what towns hosted the ride each night see here Host Towns ). I actually thought it would be easier, and it certainly has been in many respects. But, mustering up the motivation to get on my bike and riding 25-35 miles, at 6 pm, after having worked the whole day is not always easy. Also, I am a very social person, sometimes probably too social. In the past I rarely road alone, I enjoyed the company of my riding buddies on most rides and would seldom go out without them. This is a problem as I can't always schedule ahead. Many of my rides during the last few weeks have been spur of the moment: like, ah my last appointment of the day ended much earlier than planned, I guess I'll go ride. I have learned that I kind of enjoy riding alone.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am incredibly fortunate, and my family is incredibly fortunate. None of my woes compare to the problems that the Anchor House kids and their families face.  IT'S FOR THE KIDS
has become a mantra on the yearly ride when the going got tough. Riders would just blurt it out at a difficult time, such as going up a mile long 10% grade. And that is what this is all about. ~Dan Keenan

While this will be very different for all of us relative to this ride in prior years, my fellow riders and I continue to pedal forward because we really believe in the mission of Anchor House - helping children, teens, young adults and families create better lives for themselves and their families. Their need for our support continues each and every day.... ~ Russ Buckley

I will miss many things about not being able to do the planned group ride from Virginia to New Jersey – the friends that I have made over the years, riding with others, rather than on my own, riding through different and scenic areas of the country. However, at its core, the Ride for Runaways is about raising funds to support the young persons at Anchor House; and I’m excited that I’ll still be able to raise funds to help the kids. Thank you in advance for your anticipated generosity. I deeply appreciate your support, as do all those associated with Anchor House and the young persons who benefit from its services. ~Steve Marinko

I’ve never been comfortable making that ask, and it's particularly difficult now respecting unanticipated financial hardships and continued uncertainties. If you see me on my bike, give a shout out or a wave! Be on the lookout for me on the backroads of Mercer and Hunterdon County during the six weeks of the Anchor House Virtual Ride for Runaways. I’ll be proudly sporting one of my many Anchor House cycling jerseys and welcome your support. I’m grateful for your kindness in whatever form you choose.
~ Marti Moseley

My adventure to support the mission of Anchor House will be especially challenging this year without the fabulous SAG crew providing food, drinks, spare parts and overall logistics. I will be required to carry all my luggage for the week while riding (I don't pack lightly). Mostly, I will miss the camaraderie of such great friends and new friends we meet along the way. Despite these challenges, it doesn't compare to the hardships children that seek the services of Anchor House face everyday! ~ John Telencio

All of this has changed this year as a result of COVID-19. While the pandemic has forced the cancellation of the traditional marathon, the dedicated and generous supporters of Anchor House have remained steadfast in their commitment to the kids. And once again, I am delighted to be a part of the effort. ~ Joe Yuhas

COVID-19 has changed everything, except the need for Anchor House.  This is an extra challenging time for the children that require it's services. I am very hopeful that we can partner together for this great cause. ~George Desser