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Please Help Me Help the Kids!

Sherry Schweighardt

Sherry Schweighardt

They are right here, among us--kids living with the insecurities of abuse, neglect, poverty, and turmoil impacting them so deeply that fleeing home feels safer than staying. But together, we can help Anchor House provide a safe harbor.

Anchor House warmly receives homeless, runaway, abused, and at-risk youth who come to the door and staff also proactively work with schools and scour the streets of Trenton to identify those who may need help but don’t know where to find it. They receive shelter, guidance—and much love—to transition into a secure and productive future.

This year, I will complete my fourth “Anchor House Trifecta” by riding 500 miles and running 100 miles in the five weeks between June 8th and July 12th and finishing by riding another 500 miles in the final week starting July 13th. I invite you to join my fundraising efforts by making a tax-deductible donation and following my ride page.

Thank you for making a difference for the kids.

Take care,

P.S. This year, I will ride in memory of my dear friends Maria Hector and Glenn Cantor, both committed to helping the kids but no longer here to ride with us. And as always, I also ride in memory of my nephew, Chad Breitz, whose “invisible bike” will be next to mine.


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