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Francione and Manning Ride Again!

Colin Patrick Manning

Colin Patrick Manning

This July, as in the past six summers, I pledge to share a cycling and walking adventure to support the mission of Anchor House! I will be riding and walking with my friends Mark Francione and Lisa Pitcherello.

Quizas podemos unir nuestras esfuerzos en esto y ayudar el Anchor House a llegar al gran meta de 2024?

Before considering donating, please read about how strong and passionate the Anchor House team is and how, over 45 years, Anchor House has rescued, supported, mentored, guided and cared for children, teens, young adults and families that often are underserved by or hidden from traditional social safety systems.

Please learn how Anchor House continues to get stronger and more expansive in all the different elements of its aid: Safe Housing; Street Outreach; Counseling; Life Skills; Educational Assistance; and Youth Leadership and Development.

Consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation toward my goal of $2000 so that Anchor House can continue their mission.

Why do we continue returning to this wonderful adventure every July? The simple answer is for the camaraderie and joy, the fun, for example, of watching Marti and her gang of outlaws pass by us with their big smiles as they set another course record.

The character, quality and depth of all the different types of rider support are extraordinary. No matter how many supported rides I complete in the future, no ride volunteer will ever come close to the spirit of the Anchor House Ride Volunteers.

The more important reason, though, is because we want to do just a fraction of what the Anchor House extended team does all year long and help, in our small way, the staff and charges of this remarkable organization. The foundation of this event, the reason why the organizers, volunteers and support staff execute such a wonderful week year after year, is a remarkable concern for the children.

"It's for the kids"

Let's Ride!


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