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Running for the Kids!

Sherry Schweighardt

Sherry Schweighardt

Hi, Friends and Family!

Once again, I am running 100 miles during the month of June to raise funds for Anchor House.

Anchor House provides a safe harbor for children ages 6-21 who live with the insecurities of abuse, neglect, poverty, and turmoil impacting them so deeply that fleeing home feels safer than staying. At Anchor House, a small, but dedicated staff and many volunteers do so much with so little to help homeless, runaway, abused, and at-risk children, along with youth who are aging out of traditional support systems.

Anchor House warmly receives those who come to the door—but also proactively works with schools and scours the streets of Trenton to identify those who may need help but don’t know where to find it. The kids receive shelter, guidance—and much love—to transition into a secure and productive future.

Most of you know that I have spent my life working on behalf of kids, including those benefiting from Anchor House. I will ride again to raise funds so the work can continue. I invite you to join me by donating (tax deductible); even a few dollars will make a difference.

For the kids.

Thank you, and take care,

P.S. I continue to run and ride in memory of my nephew, Chad Breitz, who will ride his “invisible bike” next to me.

I walked 27.49 miles towards my goal!

I walked 30.91 miles towards my goal!

I walked 23.33 miles towards my goal!


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