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Irene Harms

Irene Harms

This summer, my husband Bruce and I will walking 100 miles in 6 weeks to support the mission of Anchor House. Starting on June 4th and ending on July 16th. Our walks start from home or we drive to locations on mini adventures. This is a challenging and exciting event. I am hopeful that we can partner together for this great cause.

Please consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation toward my goal of $750 so that Anchor House can continue their mission to help children, teens, young adults and families.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity. Together we can make a difference.

Best - Irene


Day 25 - July 14th - Last walk so off to see some cows. So up to Boss Rd and turn right at the train tracks. We walked 3.61 miles for a total of 101.79. Woohoo we completed our goat. What a great time we had.


Day 21 - July 10th - We went up Rosemont Ringoes Road and turned leff on Boss. To the end turned left on John Ringoes Road and left on Rosemont RIngoes Road. For a 4.54 mile walk around the block. Total 98.18 miles.


Day 20 - July 9th - We started at 7:20 pm and went up the road to Rynearson. Went to the end of the road & turned right on Dunkard Church Road. We went to the end of the road on Route 579. Turned around to home 3.62 miles a total of 93.64 miles.


Day 20 - July 8th - Its 7:15 pm, hot and humid and rain coming. So quick up the street to see the cows and barking dogs. Past the train tracks & back home for 2.79 miles total 97.02 miles. Woohoo!


Day 20 - July 7th - We started late at 7:30 pm and went up to Boss Road. Then we walked to the Cemetery and back home. We walked 3.23 miles for a total of 87.23.


Day 19 – July 6th – We went from home to Rynearson to the end. Then turned left and headed for the bridge at Amwell Church. We rested there and turned around and back home. We walked 4.84 miles for a total of 84 miles.


Day 18 - July 4th - We walked after breakfast going to to the Long Horns for 3.53 miles. Then after dinner Bruce & I walked to Rynearson then to the bridge on Dunkard Church Road and back home for 2.70 miles.

Day 17 - July 2nd - We parked the car at Home Depot and walked around the neighborhood. It was so hot at 90 degrees. We walked on the main streets then looped through side street. We walked 3.52 miles.


Day 17 – June 30th – It was late, so we walked up Rosemont Ringoes Rd and turned right on Rynearson. At the end of the road we turned right on Dunkard Church Road to Route 579. We saw a lot of deer and walked 3.61 miles. New total is 69.41 miles.


Day 16 – June 26th – Before leaving Delaware we took a walk on the neighborhood street of Ann & Roy Harms. It was 90 degrees, but we still put in 2.7 miles. Our total is now 65.8 miles.


Day 15 – June 25th – Still in Delaware. We went for a 2.7 miles after dinner at the Southern Grill. We walked up and down streets. At the end of one street we saw some fireworks. We now have a total of 63.12 miles.


Day 14 – June 14th – We drove to Delaware to visit Ann & Roy. We took a walk around the neighbor with George. Then left him with Roy ending with 2.81 miles. We went to the Star Gate Diner for dinner. Got back & walked another 1.44 miles.


Day 13 – Thurs June 23 – Its late do a quick walk to Boss Road. Bruce stops at the RR tracks & says right or left. He was kidding but I said, left & started walking. Ending at the start of Black River & Western RR around the block & home 2.95 mi


Day 12 – Tuesday, June 21st – This evening we took a walk up Rosemont Ringoes Rd to Route 31. To see the new hay bales. The dogs were barking again on Toad Lane. On the way back the cows were out now and at the fence for a total of 3.36 miles.


Day 11 – Monday, June 20th – We drove to Stockton and parked at Amwell Church. We then walked up Lambert Road to see the Texas Long Horns. Then onto Sergeantsville and turning around in the center of town and headed back. A total of 4.05 miles.


Day 10 – Sunday, June 19th – We drove to New Hope, PA and parked. We then walked all over New Hope and over the bridge to Lambertville. We had lunch at Lambertville Station. Walked some more and had ice cream at OWowCow. Total 6.50 miles.


Day 9 - Friday, June 17th – We drove to Flemington and parked in Liberty Village. We walked down to Main Street Flemington and around the neighborhood. After 3.5 mile we stopped at HumDoo for flight of ice cream.


Today we walked from home to Rynearson then turned left on Dunkard Church Road. Then up to Haines Rd to Rosemont Ringoes to home. We walked a quick 2.92 miles in 53 minutes.


We drove to Lambertville and parked. Then walked the canal then crossed into New Hope. Saw a parade there. Then ate lunch at Lambertville Station. Then walked around town again for a total of 7.44 miles.


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