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Jim Jenkins

Jim Jenkins

This summer,  I will participate in my 22nd Anchor House Ride for Runaways.  This is a challenging and exciting event. I am hopeful that we can partner together for this great cause. 

Please consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation toward my goal of $750 so that Anchor House can continue their mission to help children, teens, young adults and families.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity. Together we can make a difference.


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Recent Donations

1. Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
This payment is a result of our Matching Gift Program, which is available to our employees who donate to support Anchor House.
2. Brenda Frounfelker
3. Alex Tchoumandrine
Well done! Congrats!
4. Erick Family
5. Doug Longden
Way to go, Jim! Good luck!!
6. Wayne Maszewski