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Debbie Hutchinson

Debbie Hutchinson

Time has crept along oh-so-slow since our 2020 Ride for Runaways. The past yr certainly has not been a kind one. Good friends and family who were loved dearly have passed on. Covid has disturbed many lives around the world. Life has changed for many.

Now imagine being a teenager whose next meal and safe shelter depends on Anchor House----whose only responsible and caring adult in their life, necessary to guide them thru each day, comes from AH---whose successful attempts at remote learning, needed to help them maintain their appropriate level of education, depends on AH. Well----THESE kids are why I have done the RFR for 28 yrs.

So we move on, knowing that one thing that has NOT been cancelled is HOPE. I hope everyone who wants a vaccine gets one soon. I hope the Covid takes the path that measles and chickenpox have taken. I hope toilet paper never disappears again. I hope socialization and HUGGING come back soon. And I hope the 500 miles I bike to raise money for these kids at AH doesn't kick my butt after a yr of ice cream and girl scout cookies.

Please donate what you can. And thank you SOOOO much.
Peace, Happiness, and No Covid to all--
Hutch (aka Debbie)


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