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Going for 22 in 2022

Russ Buckley

Russ Buckley

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking a moment to come to my page.

I am excited to participate in the Anchor Ride Ride for Runaways for the 22nd time. The Classic “Ride for Runaways” begins in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 10, 2022 and returns to Trenton, New Jersey on July 16, averaging 70 miles a day.” Riders and support crew are needed for the success of this ride. There are 7 stops along the way including: Charlottesville, Culpepper and Leesburg, Virginia; Gettysburg, Lancaster, and Lansdale, Pennsylvania; and Trenton, New Jersey.

This event is in support of Anchor House, an organization that I have been involved in for many years and one for which I joined the Board of Directors in the last year, currently serving as Treasurer.

Although Anchor house started 44 years ago as a 24-hour emergency crisis shelter for youth ages 12-17, it has grown and evolved over time to include a suite of services, including a transitional living program where youth learn to live independently, a supportive housing program; school outreach, street outreach services that identify and support youth experiencing homelessness; a life skills program teaching critical life skills to youth and several safe housing options for youth aging out of foster care and for youth experiencing homelessness, mental health and substance prevention services.

As a Board member, I see the impact of the work done by Anchor House, and I can tell you that your support changes the lives and the paths of young people in crisis each and every day.

Please consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation toward my goal of $5,000 so that Anchor House can continue their mission to help children, teens, young adults and families.

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity. Together we can make a difference.

All the best, Russ


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