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Number Twenty Six!

Martha Moseley

Martha Moseley

WOOHOO-we're back...a normal ride...with COVID mostly in the rearview mirror! I am excited to be participating in my TWENTY SIXTH Anchor House Ride for Runaways. The route this year starts in Charlottesville, VA and wends its way back home thru Culpepper and Leesburg before entering the Keystone State and making stops in Gettysburg, Lancaster (Hi FAMILY!!) and Lansdale. Our final few miles will be take us right into the Quakerbridge Mall!

It is a week of tremendous fun and camaraderie among some of my favorite people. We ride hard but we laugh harder and in a blink of an eye, the 500 miles of cycling pass by. Each of us is brought together for the common goal of raising much needed funds for Anchor House, Mercer Country’s only shelter for area runaway and homeless teens.

Since 1978, Anchor House has been providing food, emergency housing, clothing - and hope - for hundreds of homeless teens. Please help to make the 44th Anchor House Ride for Runaways the very best ride ever! I’ve never been comfortable making the ask, but if you are able to make a contribution, terrific! If not, your support can come in many ways… if you see me on my bike, give a shout out or a wave and try, always, to be patient with cyclists. Be on the lookout for me on the backroads of Mercer and Hunterdon County as I train for the Anchor Ride for Runaways. I’ll be proudly sporting one of my many Anchor House cycling jerseys and welcome your support. I’m grateful for your kindness in whatever form you choose.

Your compassionate engagement in my Anchor House experience has been integral to my successes year after year. Quite simply...I just couldn’t do it without you...your kind words, your encouragement, your wooing on sunshine and keeping the clouds at bay. Those little questions you ask, the interest you take...it matters to me...a lot...together, we’ll make a difference and help Anchor House continue their mission.

For your support, thoughtfulness and generosity, I thank you. Let's do this!


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