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Chris Maslanka

Chris Maslanka

What is good my fello peps.
Every year I use my video production knowlage to create video content that gives outsiders a little taste of the journey each of us takes during these 500 miles. Last year our journey to Niagra Falls concluded with the final 70 miles of our journey pushing through a hurricane. You can see the video from our final day as team HomeCare below!
I am excited to welcome my girlfriend this year to join us in this adventure, she is the first outside our family to join us and I hope that she will forgive me and continue to date me after that week in July.

I rode 85 miles towards my goal!

I rode 85 miles towards my goal!

I rode 86 miles towards my goal!

I rode 80 miles towards my goal!


raised of $750 goal

500 Miles (Virtual)

336 miles
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1. Johnny West
congrats man. go for it.
2. Danielle Diamond
We ❤️ the Maslanka’s and team homecare! Especially love the daily videos on Chris’ Instagram @tophermazz Such an amazing cause. Please donate if you can!
3. Lucas Arfinengo
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