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  Anchor House Ride for Runaways  

Thank you to the 2019 Ride for Runaway Participants.  You can click here to make a donation        toward an individual or here to support a team participant in our 41st annual “Ride for Runaways.” You can also click on the Donate tab on the homepage.


Welcome to Team HomeCare

Team HomeCare

Team HomeCare

We would be honored to ride these 500 miles with your support for the kids of Anchor House. These kids deserve a chance at a secure home, a good education, and a solid future and we want to do all we can to make that happen. Dr. Patti is joined on this mission by sons Chris (videographer/support) and riders Mark (fourth year! Flying home from Denver for this), Jeffrey (fifth year already! Our newly minted college graduate), and daughters Rebecca (third year, halfway through college!) and Carolyn (our new high school graduate off to Rhodes in the fall). Each of us truly values your support to make this effort worthwhile and make a solid impact in the lives of these deserving kids getting them off to a good start at a crucial juncture. Last year a resident in one of the towns we passed through decorated our entire route for that day and then came to tell us how Anchor House turned her life around when her family fell apart; she was 14 and had nowhere to go, and now has an education and a career. Your donation makes all this possible. Thank you so much for your support!


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1. LJLynne Johnson
Best of luck with this worthy endeavor. Your compassion and empathy for others, both human and animal, is always evident and admirable. Have a safe and fun ride.
2. EHElizabeth R Hock
3. ALAnita Leone
4. PHPeggy & Phil Henke
Good luck Team Homecare
5. DHDot Horber
Thank you, Dr. Maslanka, and Homecare Vets!
6. AGAndrea Greenberg
What a wonderful person and family you have.5