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  Anchor House Ride for Runaways  

Here are the participants of the 2018 Anchor House Ride for Runaways.  You can click here to make a donation toward an individual or here to support a team participant in our 40th annual “Ride for Runaways.” You can also click on the Donate tab on the homepage.


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Anchor House 2018!

Russell Buckley

Russell Buckley

Thank you for visiting! I'll be sharing some updates below. But first, my welcome message:

I'm in the midst of the long journey back from Harrisonburg, VA, on nothing but a bicycle. This annual trek is known as the Anchor House Ride for Runaways, a 7-day, 500-mile journey to raise funds and awareness for the Anchor House. The House is based in Trenton, New Jersey, and provides housing and assistance to runaway and abused children. It also does transitional assistance for teens and young adults through a program called the Anchorage. A large portion of the Anchor House's annual budget is funded through donations provided via the Ride for Runaways.

The overall fundraising goal for the House is $525,000. Your donation does not pay for my bike, or my food, or my accommodations, or my tight bicycle clothing. Everything goes to the House: I've already paid my own way. (Believe it or not, I'm paying to sit on a bike seat during a week of vacation.)

This is the 40th anniversary of the Ride, and will mark the 8th year I've participated. I'm very excited to get back on the Ride for the first time in three years! Despite not riding the last two years, I've also become an active member of the route planning subcommittee, which helps design and scout the routes every winter/spring in advance of the Ride.

If you'd like to know anything specific about the House, or the Ride, please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thank you so much for your support!


We're home! Thank you to everyone who was able to donate this year, there's still time to help out if you haven't! I am so appreciative to have had to up my goal, not once, but twice! It means so much to me. Route planning for 2019 has begun...


Looking ahead to the week in weather... toughest day may be the first, and it'll be cool and cloudy for us. Definitely heats up as the week goes on. Hopefully we can avoid rain thru Amish country on Day 6!


En route to bike loading.


My ride for the week!


raised of $2,000 goal

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Better late than never :) Congrats!
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gr8 biking russ!
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Great job Russ!
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Sorry I’m late
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Ride like the wind Russ!