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  Anchor House Ride for Runaways  

Click here to make a donation toward an individual or here to support a team participant in our 39th annual “Ride for Runaways.” You can also click on the Donate tab on the homepage.


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Thank you for your support!

Peter Downey

Greetings all, I'm happy to be participating in my 11th Anchor House Rider for Runaways! Thank you for all of your support of this wonderful organization throughout the years!
See you on the road!


raised of $3,500 goal

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1. GCGordon Cook
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3. MLMarrLa LiPuma
Peter, Congratulations you did it again and congratulations on exceeding your goal! MarrLa and Joe
4. JBJohn Brodowski
5. MSMark Sloss
6. Eric Rounds