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  Anchor House Ride for Runaways  

Here are the participants of the 2018 Anchor House Ride for Runaways.  You can click here to make a donation toward an individual or here to support a team participant in our 40th annual “Ride for Runaways.” You can also click on the Donate tab on the homepage.


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Garry Feltus

Garry Feltus

Hi Friends,

I am participating in the 40th annual 'Ride for Runaways', a seven day 500 mile bicycle ride that raises funds for Anchor House in Trenton, NJ. Anchor House is a shelter for abused/ runaway youth that provides food, emergency housing, clothing, —and hope—for hundreds of runaway and homeless teens every year—offering a beacon of survival for youth throughout the Mercer County area.

The 'Ride' is scheduled to take place from July 07 thru July 14 and will run from Harrisonburg, VA through Lansdale, PA and into Trenton. I have pledged to raise at least $750 for this event. Many of you have generously supported me in previous fundraisers for this and other bicycle rides and I am always thankful for your support. I am including a link to the 'Ride for Runaways' donation page. You can donate any amount electronically or you may download a paper donation form that will allow to you to mail your donation. Any amount you choose to donate will make a significant impact on the lives of these children.

Additionally, this year, I have decided to 'raffle' a piece of my work. I am offering an acrylic rendering of an old bridge on the Green Farms in Grayson Co., KY. It is a 10x13 on canvas in a 14x17 wood frame. It was painted from a photograph I took while living in Kentucky and took an honorable mention in a competition of Omaha based artists. Anyone who pledges $25 or more will be entered in the raffle and the winner will be selected at the conclusion of the 'Ride'.

I am looking forward to the ride this year. Last fall, Beth and I decided to adopt a pescetarian lifestyle. I am no longer diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, no longer taking statins for Coronary Artery Disease, lost 25 pounds and am actively training for this ride (125+ miles per week, swimming and resistance training). While rolling hills are hard to find in Nebraska, 15 to 20 mile an hour headwinds are absolutely unavoidable.

I thank you for any support you choose to provide for this years charity ride, and look forward to seeing you on my trip back East!



raised of $750 goal

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